Oil Painting Tutorial Seated Clothed Female by Steve Carpenter - 2078

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This video explores a figurative painting from beginning to end, starting with a burnt umber drawing and continuing to the finished oil painting. All aspects of figurative painting are addressed: portraiture, hands and feet, torso, compositional considerations, attitude and intent, line and value, and color choices. Color glazes are employed to establish middle values, and the basic color composition. With the foundation of the painting set, Steve continues with thicker paint to define details, extend the value range, and refine the painting.

00:12:59 - Finding your needs
00:19:41 - Adding hard edge
00:24:16 - Rendering a hand
00:41:39 - Adding the chair
00:44:26 - Owning the dress
00:46:23 - Finishing the feet
01:55:05 - Tips for the lips
01:58:35 - Adding highlights
02:38:03 - Finding hard edges