Art Center History

In 2001, while teaching at the Memorial Art Gallery Creative Workshop, Steve decided to open his own studio in Village Gate Square on North Goodman Street in the Neighborhood of the Arts. The 800-square-foot space soon proved to be too small to accommodate the number of students in Steve's school and, in January 2002, he added 400 square feet by renting his neighbor's space and tearing down the adjoining wall.

Enrollment in the school continued to grow and, by the middle of 2003, more space was needed. Steve's landlord, Gary Stern, provided a 3200-square-foot unfinished space in an old rag factory around the corner on Anderson Avenue.

Steve, his associate Rob Curry, and other friends completed the makeover and the Steve Carpenter Gallery and Art Center opened on Jan. 10, 2004, with a performance by the Rochester City Ballet.

The Art Center soon was running at capacity, offering five different classes per week (see schedule) in addition to an open drawing session on Mondays.

The Art Center also is the home of The New York Figure Study Guild. Co-founded by Steve and Rick Muto, the purpose of The New York Figure Study Guild is to establish a rich environment to promote the study of the human form by mentoring, and encouraging dialog within the Guild, and to collaborate and exchange ideas with other like minded organizations in and out of New York State. Founded in February 2008, members to date include professional artists, teachers, and students from three contiguous counties surrounding the Rochester area.
Open Figure Drawing - This is an open studio session offered throughout the year on Monday evenings. No instruction is given. Nude models are available to draw from. Professional artists, including sculptors and conceptual artists, will periodically direct the evenings, giving new insights and way to experience the human form.