All Materials are available at Rochester Art Supply:

Colors: (Winsor Newton 14ml)

Alizarin crimson
Cadmium red
Cadmium yellow
Lemon yellow
Ultramarine blue
Antwerp blue (or peacock blue from Holbein)
Olive or SAP green
Hookers green
Yellow ochre
Burnt sienna
VanDyke Brown

Advanced Color Options:

Chinacridon Violet
Winsor Violet
Ultramarine Violet


Steve's suggestion , Aquarello Fabriano, Extra White, acid free 140# Artistico 100% cotton watercolor 12x18


Escoda Kolinsky sable series 1212 (least expensive)
#8 -
#10 - 45.07
Winsor Newton Series 7 - #8 (most expensive)
Claybord Fiber Brush

Other items:

Steve's favorite Palomino Blackwing 602 pencil (or any 7mm mechanical pencil with 2B lead preferably)
Prismacolor kneaded eraser (large)
Small water container, soft cotton rag, kleenix
Clips or tape to secure paper to board
Small spray bottle to dampen colors.

A hand held palette is recommended:
Holbein Metal Paletter #500 enameled (Folding metal or plastic palette works well. Plastic tray palettes are more difficult to use)