Sasha's Direct Painting Portrait Workshop Supplies
  • 2 Panels or stretched canvases, suggested size between 12x16 and 16x20. Highly recommend to tone your surface several days prior to the workshop so it is dry. I use raw umber with very little medium and tone transparently to about value 5.
  • Variety of brushes, I use hog bristle brushes, but it's really a matter of preference
  • Oil paints: I recommend the following:
  • raw umber,
    burnt umber,
    yellow ochre,
    cad yellow light,
    cad yellow,
    Naples yellow (optional),
    cad red light,
    Venetian red (alternative is Terra Rosa, burnt sienna),
    alizarin crimson,
    ultramarine blue,
    pthalo blue,
    ivory black (or Paynes grey),
    flake white (or titanium white)
  • Medium - recommend solvent free medium. I use maroger from Old Masters Maroger, however students can use what they like, or try a gel medium such as oleogel or neo meglip. I also heard good things about walnut alkyd, which also speeds up drying
  • Rags or paper towels.
  • Easels and palettes are available at the studio.