Oil Painting Supply List

Oil Painting Supply List

Winsor Newton 37ml (non student grade is best)

Permanent alizarin crimson
Cadmium red medium
Cadmium yellow light
Cerulean blue
French ultramarine blue
SAP green
Burnt sienna
Ivory black
Titanium white

Advanced colors
Cobalt Violet Deep

Mona Lisa Odorless Mineral Spirits (or any odorless mineral spirits)

Signet Robert Simmons Bristle Brushes
Round #8
Round #4 (2)
Round #2 (2)
Bright #12
Filbert #4
Filbert #7
Connoisseur: #4 216 red sable round, #1 236 hog bristle filbert, #1 237 hog bristle round

Canvas needs determined in first class - prestretched canvas, canvas board, and prepared gessoed paper are available at the studio. Instructions for preparing gessoed paper will be available.

Items to bring from home - Paper towels, rags, 2 jars for mineral spirits

Other necessary items

**Gamblin Galkyd Gel or Solvent Free Gel (for fast drying)
**Krylon 1306 workable fixative

**Design kneaded eraser #1224
**Coates willow charcoal 25 sticks medium
**Newsprint pad - rough - 18x24 50 sheet max
**Drawing board for newsprint
**Steve's painting medium - medium recipe available at studio
**These items are available at the studio or Rochester Art Supply