Instructions for Tinted Gessoed Paper

This process will provide you with an inexpensive, hand made painting and drawing surface.


1. Fabriano Studio Cold Press 140 # paper. 15x22 6 sheets $8.99, 8 sheets $11.99. Available at Rochester Art Supply (

2. Aquacryl Student Gesso (available at the Art Store Southtown Plaza)

3. Lampblack Acrylic for tinting gesso - samples available for matching color

4. 4" shed resistant roller - 1/2" nap for semi-rough surface


1. Tint gesso with lampblack

2. First coat mix 2 parts water with 5 parts gesso

3. Second coat is 1 part water with 5 parts gesso

4. Let each coat dry thoroughly before applying next coat

5. Coat both sides

6. When dry compress the paper for a day or two to flatten it.