Medium Recipe

Steve Carpenter's Painting Medium Recipe

(Alternate ingredients are more or less eco-friendly)

1. 7 parts Eco-House Natural Orange Terene Solvent #915 - Best and most expensive

or 7 parts Mona Lisa Odorless Paint Thinner - Good and less expensive

or 7 parts odorless mineral spirits (available at Home Depot, etc.)

2. 2 parts Eco-House Heavy Damar Medium #955 – Best (Steve's current formula)

or 2 parts Damar Varnish

3. 1 part Stand Oil

4. 1 drop per 4 combined oz. of liquid - Eco-House CoZiCa Drier Blend #921 – Best - (Steve's current formula)

or 1 drop per 4 combined oz. of liquid - Cobalt Dryer

Shake Well

(add cobalt dryer periodically as it tends to lose it's potency)