Instructions for Tinted Gessoed Paper
  1. Instructions for Tinted Gessoed Paper

    This process will provide you with an inexpensive, hand made painting and drawing surface.


    1. Fabriano Studio Cold Press 180 # paper. 15x22, 6 sheets $8.99, 8 sheets $11.99. Available at Rochester Art Supply (

    2. Liquitex Basics Arcylic gesso - Rochester Art Supply (

    3. Lampblack Acrylic for tinting gesso - samples available for matching color

    4. 4" shed resistant roller - 1/2" nap for semi-rough surface


    Tint gesso with lampblack. Add tint slowly to avoid getting too dark.

    2. First and second coat mix - 1 cup water with 1 Gal gesso

3. One coat to side one, flip, one coat to side two.

4. Let each coat dry thoroughly before applying next coat

4. Repeat with second coat on each side.

5. When dry compress the paper for a day or two with heay weight to flatten.